February 26, 2018



  • Hostellers are strictly advised to inform us one month before vacating the room in written form (Vacating Memo) on or before 5th of every month to enable us to avoid vacancy. This written vacating Memo is valid only for ONE month. IN case if there is any changes you have to fill another fresh Memo . You have to pay Rs 100 as vacating memo form charge. Whenever you vacate the room you must pay the rent either as full month rent or else as daily basis that is Rs320/520 per day depending upon room, cot and number of sharing
  • In case you fill the VACATING MEMO on 15th then you are supposed to vacate only after 15th of the consecutive month and you have to pay the full month rent and the balance RENT amount will be refundable while you vacate.
  • If you vacate without prior notice in written form one month room rent will be deducted from your advance amount.
  • If you pay token advance for your selected room then that particular room will be blocked for few days, and you have to pay full advance and book the room immediately. Or else your room may be booked by someone else and moreover your token advance will not be refunded.
  • If you pay full advance and book a room then the concerned room will be reserved for you. If you are unable to stay with us even for l day still your one month rent will be deducted from your advance amount and the remaining will be paid if any.
  • Advance receipt must be strictly produced for refunding the advance amount. Your advance will be refunded as one month postdated cheque. Reason for 1 month postdated cheque is that we are facing complaints from other roommates like room key, TV,AC ,Remote, Dress items, Cash and other items missing. Some of them have damaged our things like mattresses, Cupboard pat lock broken and then vacated .To checks and verifies this we need at least 1 month time.
  • If the advance receipt is not produced the advance amount will not be refunded.
  • If you are vacating the hostel no objection form should be signed by your roommates, friends and management. Then you have to produce this form with advance receipt to have your advance amount. After a hostellers exits we face complaints like room key, Remote, money and other such items missing or broken (other roommates blame the vacated girl). Some of them have lended money which they have escaped without repaying. Please be careful about your money & Belongings. Please keep your valuable items and cash in hostel at your own Risk. Management is not responsible for your valuable belongings.


For monthly basis Advance is Rs10,000 [Advance will change depending upon Branch] Rent depending upon nature of room, cot and number of sharing. Application Rs 100.only

EB amount is calculated based on the usage recorded on the sub-meter fixed in your room. After taking the unit calculation it will be divided as per your room sharing and then your particular share is calculated by multiplying the unit with Rs 8/unit.

For Daily basis Application charges: Rs50, Rent is PREPAID ONLY, RentRs:320 or Rs:520 /day (inclusive of EB charges) depending upon the nature of room, sharing & cot type. Daily basis room/cot is subject to shifting and changes based on booking for monthly basis. Daily basis applicant should adjust with this change and should maintain peace & harmony.


  • Hostellers are strictly informed to pay the rent on or before 5th.
  • Failing to do so will induce fine of rupees 100 per day
  • For example :
    • 6th day rent +100
    • 7th day rent +200
    • 8th day rent +300. It will continue like this for each single day till you
    • Pay your rent with fine.
  • If you fail to pay the fine amount again extra rupees 1000 will be added to that fine and will be reduced from your advance. You could avoid this altogether by simply paying it in time.
  • In case the hostlers is on long leave may be for 1 month or more than that they must pay their rent without any discount either through their friend or through NIFT & you can get our account details from warden. Till they fill the vacating memo & vacate our hostel after one month prior notice they will be considered as our hostlers & they have to pay the rent without fail.


  • Kindly switch off all electrical items when you are moving out or when it is not in use. After night 12’0 clock TV, FAN, LIGHT in common area must be switched off.
  • If any electrical item is in on condition without attenders(Hostellers and not staff) or after the specified time, then either the concerned person or the room members or all the room members of the concerned flat will be fined severely. Strictly no excuse will be accepted.
  • TV and A/C remote should be taken care by their respective flat/room/Dom mates. If It’s repair, broken or missing all of them have to Share and pay for it.


  • We are purchasing water from outside. So don’t leave the tap opened without attender. Otherwise you will be fined. We wish to give you 24 hours uninterrupted water supply. If you waste water there will be scarcity. So kindly avoid this and cooperate with us.


  • Please maintain the mentioned food time. Food time> Food will not be provided After this time limit. Please don’t argue with our kitchen and other staffs regarding this issue. You have to strictly take food within the time limit.

DINNING HALL/FOOD TIMINGS (timing will vary as per different branch)

  • Monday to Friday
    • morning: 7am — 10am —- breakfast & lunch
    • Evening: 8 pm — 10 pm —- dinner
  • Saturday & Sunday :
    • 12.30pm — 2 pm—- lunch
    • Milk: morning — 6am — 8am
    • Evening—-6pm — 8pm
  • Self-cooking is strictly not allowed. If it causes any damage or fire accident then the concerned roommates or
    person will be held responsible for the loss and they have to pay for it. Management is not responsible for such accident.


  • Hostellers are already requested to use bedspreads. If you are found spoiling our costly bed without bedspread then fine will be collected not less than rupees 500 depending upon management’s decision. This is to maintain the costly mattresses, clean and hygiene.
  • Hostellers interested in having washing machine for their Room may get this facility by paying Rs250 per roommate per month (Rs. 250/roommate/ month)
  • Don’t flush the napkin in toilet or throw it in the neighborhood. Kindly dispose it in dustbin. It causes blockage in the whole drainage system and also causes lots of hygienic issues .So if any of your roommates flushes napkin in toilet please inform to us. We will give counseling to them.
  • Your valuables, eatables and other items should be kept at your Own Risk. Management is not responsible for any theft and damage.
  • Register notebook and leave notebook should be compulsorily and properly filled to know about your whereabouts and safety. Our police station has given strict instructions to maintain both these notebooks properly to maintain your safety. Then only we can ensure your safe stay.
  • If you Face water or electricity problem please kindly enter it with details in our complaint notebook. After that inform to security and he will be available there for 24 hours. He will sort your problem.
  • If the management insist in changing /shifting the room due to some reason you must immediately change as per our instructions without any hesitation.
  • Hostelers are strictly not allowed to use or spoil the vacant cot in their room.if they fail to keep it clean & neat they will be fined Rs 1000 repeatedly till they clean the cot. Their room & vacant cot should be neat & clean for taking new booking & they should not create any disturbance in taking booking.